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VQS-300  Front View

VQS-300  Rear View


STV1080 Test Pattern

VST - Scale, Crop, and Interlace Dynamic Test
GS1080 Test Pattern

CSX - Color Space Explorer
GS1080 Test Pattern

AUD2 - LR Audio Levels

HDMI / 3G Reference Media Player

AVC/H264 playout with bitrates up to 150 Mbps
1080p60 test patterns looks like uncompressed!

VQS-300 Datasheet

  • Versatile destop/rackmount unit, loaded with unique sophisticated set of static and dynamic test patterns
    - see more details in separate VQL for VQS Presentation
  • Multi-format HDMI and 3G-SDI outputs, digital and analog AV outputs
  • 2.5 ppm accurate system clock to meet full 3G-SDI broadcast specs
  • Front side bay for detachable SATA HDD – up to 2 TB of content
  • VQL - Library of unique sophisticated dynamic test patterns and sequences
  • LIve clips and 3D Video Tests, 5.1 Surround Sound and LR Stereo Audio Tests
  • All commonly used resolutions, aspect ratios, frame rates and interlace modes
  • Easy expansion with any external USB storage device: BD/DVD, HDD, FD.

========= Target Applications =========

  • Broadcast and Prosumer Studios
  • Home Theater Installation & Calibration
  • Engineering & Development
  • Shows & Exhibitions
  • Technical Training
  • Benchmarking
  • AV Retail
  • AV Repairs

======== VQS-300 Content Categories ======

1. Scaling, Cropping, Interlace, and Sharpness Tests
2. Levels, Colors, and Gamma Tests
3. Motion Portrayal and Motion Blur Tests
4. Universal Tests with Moving Zone Plate Sprite
5. Standard Line-based Test Patterns
6. Live clips – high quality samples
7. Audio Tests in 5.1 surround & 2.0 stereo formats


If you may also consider your own or 3rd party playout engine - then use our renown Library of Test Patterns

VQL – VideoQ Library of Sophisticated Audio and Video Test Patterns